Are they made of real wood?
Other than the metal hardware, it is entirely made of wood… beautiful wood! The oak toyboxes have solid oak corner posts, veneered oak panels with solid oak trim. The core of the oak toybox is furniture grade wooden veneer core.

The cherry and espresso toyboxes are made the same way as the oak, however with birch wood instead of oak.

Our bamboo toyboxes are 100% bamboo... renewable and durable!

We do NOT use MDF or particle board. Our toyboxes are 100% real wood!

What kind of finish does the toy box have?
The oak and bamboo toyboxes are lightly stained with a warm amber color. The finish would be best described as a natural oak finish. The cherry is a deep reddish color which the grain can be seen. The espresso is a few shades away from black... (ie. true espresso) and is so dark that the grain of the wood cannot be seen through the stain.

All toyboxes have a 3 layer topcoat which is environmentally safe and lead free.

What about the optional solid cedar base?
The classic blanket chests of years ago were sometimes made of cedar. This would protect cloth items from insects and bugs. For only $30 we can add a tounge and groove solid cedar base in the bottom of the toybox and blanket chest. The cedar we use is aromatic "eastern" cedar. Cedar not only has a functional purpose but also adds style to the classic oak box.

Is the toybox safe?
We have designed this toybox to be safe! We use double lid supports which are positioned in the center of the toybox.
The toybox lid does not slam down when lifted up. Whatever the lid position, it does NOT drop.

We use environmentally safe and lead free stain and clearcoat.

Is the toybox guaranteed?
Yes, we do provide a 60 day no fuss, no questions asked guarantee on our toyboxes. In other words if anything is not right with the toybox we will make it right with replacement parts or a refund will be given.

The wooden parts of the toybox have a one year guarantee from warping and manufacturing defects.

Our hinges and lid supports have a lifetime guarantee. If they break for any reason they will be replaced at no charge.

Is assembly required?
Yes, the classic oak box is ready to assemble and requires a regular and Phillips screwdriver and only about 15 minutes of your time. We include easy to read instructions with photos.

What about shipping costs?
Shipping is included in the cost of our toyboxes. In other words shipping is free in the lower 48 states.

Because we are located in the USA (Bismarck, North Dakota), shipping to most anywhere in the US is about the same (within a few dollars).

To simplify life we have included the cost of shipping in your wholesale cost.

How are the toy boxes shipped?
The toybox and blanket chest will be shipped Fed Ex Ground. Most locations in the US will receive 3-5 days shipping.

What is your turn around time?
Please allow 10-12 business days from the time we receive the order until the time we ship. Keep in mind that most of the toyboxes we sell are personalized. It takes time to laser engrave and/or make the custom letters.

Please tell your customers 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Can you drop ship?
Yes, we can dropship with no extra charge within the USA and shipping is included in the wholesale price.

(ie. free shipping and no drop ship fees ALL THE TIME!)

What colors do you offer?
Natural oak, Dark Cherry and Espresso

Where do I get photos of the toyboxes?
Please visit our download page at